Scottish Fintech Directory was born out of the necessity for IT and Fintech participants to know who to contact within Scotland. We are presently around number 18 in the world of Fintech, and have the aspiration to be within the top ten alongside London, New York, Silicon Valley and so on. Helps us achieve proper recognition within the Fintech Ecosystem. We are here to help you achieve your goals.
Financial Technology (Fintech) is the all-encompassing word for the financial architecture of the digital age
It covers market infrastructure, payments, settlements, digital currencies and data analytics
Its protagonists utilize software and/or programming code typically in conjunction with blockchain to provide financial services

Crash? What crash!

So guess what? The Bitcoin crash that never was appears to be over short term. There are still issues with Segwit come 1st August and a LOT could still go wrong, but it’s beginning to look as if BTC will climb much higher once this is safely out of the way. It’s worth remembering what Segwit is all about.

Crypto collapse?

What does the collapse in crypto currencies mean? In the last couple of weeks the whole market, including Bitcoin, is down around 30% with Bitcoin itself falling as much as 35% at one point. Some coins are down 50%+

Some recovery has taken place, but the market as a whole has shrunk from over $100billion to just over $70billion. Is that it? Are we on a permanent downtrend? Have the public seen ( or think they have seen) the Emperor with no clothes?

The pillars of Scottish Fintech

Some time ago I was privileged, as a major investor in Scotcoin, to be invited with others to the Consultation on Scottish Fintech hosted by Deloittes with Scottish Enterprise. Firstly, what is Fintech? It is the all encompassing word for the financial architecture of the digital age. It covers market infrastructure, payments, settlements, digital currencies, and data analytics.
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Firstly – and perhaps most importantly – we need to draw world attention to Scotland. How difficult can that be? We have a fantastic country with good communication systems, superb countryside, and an eager and responsive workforce. We have an excellent online community already, with some real winners to the fore.
Secondly, we need to push connections together. Scotland is ideal for a "hub and spoke" set up. We need available service centres and spaces to bring people together, to allow ideas to be born and flourish, and reach maturity.
Thirdly, education. This doesn’t just mean top down , but at the very start of children’s schooling. We need educated participants. We need to make them evangelists for Scottish Fintech, and we need a continuous stream of new participants. We need to build on what we have already, but we need to strengthen and broaden what there is. We have to up our game at all levels.
Fourthly, finance. There are some seed funds available, but we need to expand them and scale up. In order to attract new people and businesses, we have to nurture them, to welcome them, to support them and help them navigate through the beginnings of their business into the full flood of their maturity.